Support us

Newbury and District is a self funding branch of Cats Protection and  has to find over £125,000 a year to fund the work of the Adoption Centre.

If you wish to support us there are many ways in which you could help.


We always need help in organising and helping at fund raising events. These events are vital to our survival. If you are interested please ring the Adoption Centre on 01635 200 111 or email us at for further details.

Become a branch member

For £6/year or £4/year for senior citizens and junior members you can become a branch member. You will be joining a large group of enthusiastic supporters and we will keep you up to date with events and stories with our regular local magazine The Cat Flap, If you would like to become a member please click here to download an application form.

Sponsor a Cat Pen

For a monthly donantion of any amount from as little as £5.00 a month, paid by standing order, you can sponsor one of our cat pens. In return you will receive;

  • A sponsorship certificate
  • Regular newsletters
  • A plaque on your pen showing either your name, a nominated persons name, or that of a beloved cat

Please click here to download a standing order form

Sponsor a Resident Cat
We have four gorgeous, very happy cats that live with us.  All initially had good reasons for not being able to find homes and were given the freedom of our extensive grounds.  They have all now been at the Adoption Centre longer than most of the staff!

To cover their costs we run a sponsor scheme for each of them, please read their stories below and if you are able to help support them please follow the link.  We ask for just £5 per month, which is paid by standing order.  Thank you

- Has a very rare skin condition called Plasma Cell Dermatitis, which causes the pads on his paws and his nose to swell. His nose was so big that it was thought to be a tumour that would limit his life. He was named Jimmy, after Jimmy Durante. Fortunately the vets discovered the cause of the condition and his nose stopped growing. Jimmy even starred on the front cover a veterinary magazine containing an article about his condition. His claim to fame!

- Came to us as a feral cat from Greenham industrial estate. He used to terrorise the Centre staff when they tried to clean his pen, so he was released into the grounds here at Heatherpine, for his own safety and ours!  For nearly eighteen months all that was seen of him were occasional glimpses until one day he befriended 'Paddy' another resident and decided that he did like people after all! His confidence grew rapidly and he is now a firm fixture in the office greeting visitors.

Lola - Came to us in 2007. She had been found as a stray and was suffering from Epilepsy.  She was incontinent too.  Added to that, she couldn't be handled; she wasn't aggressive, she just didn't understand and got very panicky. Her future didn't look bright.  She is such a sweet little girl that likes to follow a routine, so we made the decision to give her a home with us where she could lead a happy stress free life.  You can often find her playing with a blade of grass, or a fleck of something on the floor!

If you would like to sponsor one of our resident cats please click here to download a standing order form.  Thank you

Weekly Lottery 

“As a charity, we rely solely on the generosity and kindness of public donations to enable us to go on caring for cats and kittens”

Why not help us by joining our Weekly Lottery
To join online, please visit - Don’t forget to tick “I would like my payments to go towards supporting a centre of my choice” -  and select Newbury  Adoption Centre!

You can also enter by calling our Weekly Lottery Helpline on 01628 825 928 or download our lottery form and post to: Freepost RTJY-JUCB-AATE, Cats Protection, and P.O Box 1127, MAIDENHEAD, SL6 3LN. – Please don’t forget to write somewhere on the form that you would like the proceeds to go to Newbury Adoption Centre.  Click here for full terms and conditions.

Take part in an Event

Why not challenge yourself by taking part in an exciting event while raising money to helps the UK's cats and kittens? 

From biking to abseiling to running and skydiving, whatever you do we can help with your fundraising and provide moral support on the day.  To find a full list of events, please click here

Other ways to support us

You could leave a gift in your will, or sign up to become a cat guardian. We also collect used stamps, foreign coins & notes, used cartridges and old mobile phones (even if broken) which we use to raise funds.