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24 July 2017

Hi There! My name is L.J and I am a very handsome boy (check out my moustache!!)

I arrived at Newbury Cats Protection in April due to being stressed in my previous home, over the past few years my family has grown with small children and I just prefer the quiet life which was hard to find in my house.

For 13 years I enjoyed exploring the outside world however this really shouldn’t have been happening because at a young age, I tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). FIV is a virus in cats that is similar to HIV however FIV does not infect humans but can affect other cats. I am a healthy chap for my age although having FIV does mean my immune system is weakened and therefore I need protection to keep me healthy. I need to be protected from any disease/injury that I could get from the outside world, also to prevent me from spreading FIV to other cats.

To keep me as safe as possible, I am now looking for a spacious indoor home where my new owners will be able to provide me with plenty of enrichment to keep me simulated.

I really am a lovely friendly gentleman who is just waiting for somebody to fall in love with me!

Please dont pass me by, email a staff member about adopting me!

The very handsome L.J